Digital Innovation Case Studies

Increasing awareness and access for women’s health issues using technology

We built a tool to analyze health deserts for women seeking care for endometriosis and uterine fibroids to find areas of unmet needs. This allows us to indentify advocacy organizations and outreach campaigns aimed at increasing access and availability for services for these women and connect patients with telehealth and other resources that may help in their care journey.

Novel Oncology drug target identification using machine learning

The Digital Innovation and Computational Research teams worked together to analyze licensed academic research from around the world and build algorithms to find new targets for oncology research. The approach assesses the core biological and chemical elements such as tractability and protein structure and aggregates existing basic research and dozens of external data sources to allow scientists to pursue more new leads, faster.

Optimizing the drug supply chain for clinical trials

Making experimental drugs for clinical trials is an expensive and time-consuming aspect of the drug-development process. Often, medicines take months to make and require special handling in transport and refrigeration that make getting needed drugs to study participants challenging.  We can use machine learning to better predict where and when drugs will be needed to keep trials on-track and minimize over-production and spoilage in the supply chain making our trials run smoother and lowering the cost of developing new medicines.  

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