Why wonder when you can know?

We put the data
in data-driven drug development

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Millions of patients around the world are living longer, healthier lives because of advances in biopharmaceutical science. Yet millions more have ongoing unmet medical need and urgently need new treatment options to address a broad array of serious health conditions. That urgent need demands new approaches that make the drug development process faster, more efficient and more cost-effective. Sumitovant is achieving these goals by pursuing a seemingly simple approach that is actually quite challenging to implement: build on what we already know rather than re-creating the wheel with each new development program. 

The fact is that many critical questions in drug development have already been asked and answered — but the relevant data are scattered throughout the scientific and clinical literature, clinical trial databases, market segmentation analyses, and adverse event reports. Sumitovant’s technology platform leverages these existing datasets to accelerate and de-risk every aspect of the drug development process by enabling more informed decision-making at each step from bench to bedside.

Our unparalleled ability to collect and interrogate data from published literature regarding mechanisms of action; safety, tolerability and efficacy in specific clinical indications; potential drug-drug interactions; and ongoing unmet needs in clinical practice we believe may help enable us to develop the right molecule at an optimized dose and route of administration for delivery to a highly defined patient population. We also take a data-driven approach to leverage information in global clinical trial databases to identify clinical investigators and clinical trial sites with demonstrated ability to rapidly enroll and execute clinical trials in specific indications and molecule types. This yields optimized and efficient clinical trial strategies that may help reduce clinical development time and costs. To ensure that we create as much commercial value as clinical benefit, we Integrate diverse sources of prescription and utilization data to understand real-world medical need and commercial opportunity, and then match our investment in product development to true revenue potential.

Sumitovant utilizes two powerful technology engines to power its transformative approach to drug development


The DrugOME is a computational ecosystem that enables fast, high-quality and customized answers to critical pharma questions

Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation is an embedded technology capability that enables the development of innovative and bespoke apps, data science models and easy-to-read dashboards that visualize critical data sets and support rapid and effective decision making across every aspect of our business


The DrugOME harnesses the power of known data to inform decision-making across the entire drug development continuum

Just as the genome comprises all data related to gene structure and expression and the proteome comprises all data related to the protein structure, location, function and interaction, Sumitovant’s DrugOME comprises a vast amount of data related to drug development

Sumitovant’s DrugOME integrates three powerful realms to provide unparalleled insights into the potential challenges and opportunities of specific molecules and drug formulations in specific clinical indications and lines of therapy

1 Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing realm uses automated systems to explore published literature, texts, documents and news to identify potential assets for acquisition/licensing; discover novel science; and identify key opinion leaders who can provide critical insight and champion new product opportunities

2 Drug Development

Drug Development realm examines potential drug molecules, drug targets, clinical trial data and drug development companies to identify and value assets; predict toxicity; define the competitive and therapeutic landscape for a specific asset; predict clinical trial costs; enable repositioning of existing assets into new and valuable indications; support high-value partnerships and collaborations

3 Real-world Data and Evidence

Real-world data and evidence realm utilizes patient, physician and payer data to support more accurate and effective market characterization and product marketing efforts; identify existing and evolving trends in treatment patterns, treatment costs and epidemiology; provide insight into the patient journey and potential barriers to adoption of or compliance with particular therapies; optimize clinical trial site and investigator selection; and enable virtual clinical trials

DrugOME Case Studies

Digital Innovation

Digital innovation removes the traditional divide between IT and the rest of your business, integrating custom data analytics into key operational areas to enable data-driven decisions from the lab to the boardroom

The generic analytic tools that are the foundation of most IT functions can only access data that meet the contextual and architectural parameters of existing analytic applications

This results in analysis and visualization of a small subset of all potentially relevant data, creating unrecognized blind spots and leading to inaccurate assumptions and decisions

Sumitovant’s Digital Innovation approach integrates IT experts into every aspect of corporate operations, giving technology engineers insights into the questions that need to be answered and empowering them to write customized code to interrogate a broader set of data inputs

This results in innovative analytic applications tailored to utilize all relevant data sets, providing full data visualization and enabling highly informed decision-making in a rapid and iterative manner

Sumitovant’s Digital Innovation approach integrates key skill sets, data sets and analytic tools to potentially help provide real answers to certain of pharma’s most critical questions

This skill sets among our Digital Innovation team members include all things data; modeling; workflow mapping; new technology implementation; and custom coding

Our Digital Innovation team utilizes diverse data sets that include CRO study reports; medical and pharmacy claims data from IQVIA and DRG, VEEVA; clinicaltrials.gov, PubMed, Crunchbase, Pitchbook and more

Digital Innovation Case Studies